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4 April 2010

Some of you may have noticed that was down again recently for a short time but is now back online.

The reason it went down is because our "bandwidth" allocation was exceeded and more needed to be purchased. As myself and Vince have explained before - as the website gets more popular and we get increasing numbers of visitors so the bandwidth is used up more quickly (ie people clicking on pages - especially photos.) We also have domain name renewal costs and webspace costs (for storing photos and data) as well.

And so for the regulars this will be a familiar tale - we would appreciate any donations towards these costs because the websites cannot continue without contributions from those that use them. The unpaid time involved in running both websites is increasing and while I don't mind this so much at the moment, we would appreciate any financial support - however small.

It is easy to donate via Paypal using the following email address when prompted -

or by cheque - payable to Ben Williams - sent to 10 Hamilton Road Twickenham TW26SN

Many thanks & a Happy Easter to all

Ben & Vince



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    Ben Williams Editor

    Thanks Dave - appreciated. And thanks for the other donations that have come in so far.

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