Website Improvements - 2008

4 November 2008

Several improvements have been made to the site in recent weeks. Here is a quick round-up of the improved features.


The major change is to the photo section. Gone is the old category menu on the left. I felt that they were getting too vague and confusing. Instead we now have a "tags" area on the right. This is basically the same as categories, but with more of them. I hope this proves to be more useful than the previous system.

Location Profiles

After a brief disappearance, the location profiles are back. The main reason for their removal was that many of them were wildly out-of-date.

This is still the case in some instances. If you have any updates for the profiles, please can you add a comment with the new details...

Technical Information

The technical information section also disappeared from the site for a shot while. It was, and still is rather empty (there are currently only four articles there!) If anyone has any information which they think would be of interest to enthusiasts then please get in touch. Thanks!

Problems & Feedback

If you see any problems or have any feedback about the website then please let me know - either by using the comment facility below or by emailing me.




All comments are the opinions of their respective authors, and do not reflect the opinions of If you find an offensive comment and want it removed then please contact us with details.

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    Vince /// Website editor

    Another update!

    After a quick tidy up, the names section is back! If you have any details or can help with images for the section, please get in touch!

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    Vince /// Website editor

    Yet another slight update - the news section has had the same tagging concept as the photos section applied to it. Hopefully it will help you to find and view older news easily...

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