A few unreported bits from 2005

21 January 2006

Some OTP news that didn't get reported during 2005.


During the summer, DX98702 moved to Sir William McAlpine's private railway (in his back garden!) at Fawley Hill. The machine was previously at the Paignton & Dartmouth Railway.

Another Permaquip movement was of PM002. This moved from the Mid Hants Railway to the Epping and Ongar Railway, again during the summer.

(Possible) Disposals

Several of Carillion's machines have "disappeared". 73245, 73255 and 77309 haven't been seen since at least November 2004 (Nov. 2003 in the case of 77309!) It is thought that they may have been disposed of, but details are unknown yet.

Update: It has been confirmed that these three machines were scrapped at Crewe OTPD during April 2005 by HNRC.

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